Multi-criteria Decision Making by Movable Limits

Method: Multi-criteria Decision Making by Movable Limits
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Problems of Material Science are complex. There is a convergence between Informatics/Computer Science and Мaterial Science. Methods created by Informatics/Computer Science are successfully applied for solving Material Science problems.

 On this basis, the approach that I will tell You today is developed. Modern design of technological processes uses the experiment only to verify the result of an optimal numerical simulation. The implementation of the simulation is based on a well-explored theory.

The research is based on a real, reliable experiment. For this reason, the deviations of the theoretical results from the real [ones] are within the statistical error. Therefore, I trust this method because it uses  reliable experimental data.

The approach is suitable for collecting a complete base with respect to the input parameters, in which they change in a certain range. For each combination of input parameters, one or more  quantities are controlled.

  • An experiment is conducted with the machine to collect the necessary data.
  • Data from the factory worksheets can be used as initial/primary raw information.
  • They give the relationship between controlling and controlled quantities.
  • A mode of analysis is selected for contour lines at a constant level.
  • In this way, the connection between  input and output quantities is very easy.
  • This is done by  fixing / detecting  the coordinates

prof. D Sc. Nikolay Tontchev, Ph. D.
BULGARIA 1574, SOFIA 158,Geo Milev Str.
University of Transport ;
+359 89 44 66 228

                                                                                             September 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria

Geo Milev Str.
University of Transport
+ 359 89 44 66 228
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