About author - Multi-criteria Decision Making by Movable Limits

Method: Multi-criteria Decision Making by Movable Limits
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Name, academic position and degree
Nikolay Tontchev, Professor, D Sc. Ph.D.
Affiliation – research organization, department
University of Transport “Todor Kableshkov”- Sofia, Department" Machine Parts, Materials and Chemistry "
Mechanical  Engineer, Technical University - Sofia, 1985
  • Master's degree in Applied Mathematics, Technical University - Sofia, 1986.
  • Ph.D. on the treatment of materials by plastic deformation - TU - Sofia, 1991
  • Assoc. professor of scientific specialty 02.01.02. "Materials Science and Technology" – University of Transport, 1997
  • Doctor of Sciences " - University of Transport, 2014
  • Professor at University of Transport of 5.6. Materials and Materials - 2015

Academic positions in the last five years
    • Vice Chairman of the General Meeting at University of Transport "Todor Kableshkov "
    • Head of system maintaining the quality of education and academic staff of the University of Transport "Todor Kableshkov"
    • Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board at University "Todor Kableshkov"

Main research area and subareas
Multi-decision in the field of materials science;
Modeling and optimization of technological processes;
Systems for decision support;
Determination of effective solutions to quality indicators in the field of materials science

Additional research areas and subareas
Optimizing the composition and modeling the properties of alloys of iron base;
Multi – criteria study the properties of alloys of titanium base;
Study durability of films and coatings;
Optimization of the parameters of the process of casting, plastic deformation.

Specializations abroad and international collaborations
He has participated in the cooperation between departments "TMPH" at University of Transport "Todor Kableshkov "and" TSMI "Welding Technology and Materials science" in MGUPS - Moscow;
He organized first regional meeting / Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia / training of transport specialists, supported by the Stability Pact, 2001

Scientific awards and membership in scientific societies
Award Gold Medal of "Intellect Expo" - 1991
Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the “trans & Motoauto” of 2015
He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal BULTRIB - ISSN 1313-9878 of 2012
Vice Chairman of "Research projects 2020"
Member of Int. Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Member of Federation "Scientific and technical alliances"
Member of Board NGO “Research projects for European and Atlantic Integration”

Name, used in publications in foreign language:  Tontchev   N. Nikolay Tontchev

Н index (according to Scopus or Web of Science): 4

Internet address with list of scientific publications (ResearcherID,   Research gate, etc.):

Total number of scientific publications: 120

From them with impact factor or impact rang: 1

Number of citations of the scientific publications: 23

Number of scientific publications in the last five years: 27

From them with impact factor or impact rang:  1

Number of citations of the scientific publications in the last five years: 23

Selected scientific publications in the field of the research project
1. N.Tontchev, (2014) Materials Science, Effective solutions and Technological variants, LAMBERT Academic
   Publishing, 142 p.
2. N.Tontchev, Z. Cekerevac, (2014): Approach and Application in Multicriteria Decision Support in the Field of
   Materials Science. MEST Journal, (MEST) 2, no. 118-29.
3. N.Tontchev , M. Ivanov, (2014): Modeling and Optimization of the Composition of Iron – Based Alloys By
  Approximation with Neural Models and Genetic Optimization Algorithm, FBIM Transactions,15, 2(1), pp.1-12.
4. N.Tontchev  N., Y. Kalev, (2013): On the Formation of Expert Knowledge in the Metalworking Technology
   Cost, International virtual journal for science, technics and innovations for the industry, Machines,
   Technologies, Materials, VII, Issues 10,  pp. 77 – 80.
5. N.Tontchev , Y. Kalev, (2013): Determing Influence of Alloying Elements on Properties of Alloys by Robust
   Experiment, MEST Journal, July, pp. 31 – 39.
6. N.Tontchev , N. Hristov, (2013): Numerical Procedure to Determine the Optimal Composition of the Steel a
   Small Volume Database  with the Same Treatment, International   virtual journal for science, technics and
   innovations for the industry,   Machines, Technologies, Materials, VII, Issues 11, pp. 54 – 57.
7. N.Tontchev, Y. Kalev, (2013): Robust Bi-criteria Approach to Optimize the Composition and Properties of
   Alloy Steels, Procceding of University of   Transport, vol. 4.
8. P. Koprinkova-Hristova, N.Tontchev, S. Popova, (2013): Two approaches to multi-criteria optimization of steel alloys for crankshafts production, Int. J. Reasoning–based Intelligent Systems, Vol. 5, № 2, 2013, pp. 96 – 103.
9. N.Tontchev, (2012): Effective solutions to the processing of metallic materials   on iron bases, Publishing house of University of Transport “Todor   Kableshkov”, Sofia, (in Bulgarian).
10. N.Tontchev , P. Koprinkova-Hristova, Popova, (2012): S., On the ability to predict the properties of advised
    hight streght steels at cost alloying,   Procceding of Faculty „National Security and Defense“, pp. 222- 230
    (in Bulgarian).
11. P. Koprinkova-Hristova , N.Tontchev, (2012), Echo State Networks for Multi-dimensional Data Clustering,
    Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning–ICANN `12, pp. 571-578
12. N. Tontchev ,Y. Kalev, (2014), Robust Bi – Criteria Approach to Optimaze the Composition and Properties
    of Titanium – Based Alloys, “Machines   Technologies, Materials” pp.26-30, issue 12/2014.
13. N. Tontchev, Y. Kalev, R. Lazarova, (2014), Modeling and Optimization of the   Properties and Composition
    of Titanium – Based Alloys, “Machines Technologies, Materials” pp.16-19, issue 11/2014.
14. M. Ivanov , N. Tontchev, (2014), Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Titanium Alloys Based on
    Genetic Optimization and Pareto Front, “Machines,   Technologies, Materials” pp.24-30, issue 11/2014.
15. M. Ivanov, N. Tontchev, (2014), Software Model for Selection of the Appropriate Chemical Composition of
    Titanium Alloys Under Defines Requirements for   Mechanical Characteristics, “Machines, Technologies,
    Materials” pp.26-30, issue 11/2014.
16. Y. Lukarski  , S. Popov, N. Tontchev, P.   Koprinkova- Hristova, S. Popova, (2011), An design of new
    brands of   martenzite steels by artificial neural networks, International Scientific   Conference, Advanced
    Materials and Technologies, pp. 54-59., UgalMat`11.

E-mail address for registration in the database of the Bulgarian National Science Fund

Participation in projects supported by BNSF in the last five years

Competition (type and year):   2010

Number and date of the contract:   DDVU

Title:  Modeling and optimization of the properties of the composition of iron-based alloys

Project coordinator:   prof. N.Tontchev

Status of the project:  completed

Evaluation of the project implementation (for completed projects):   Very good evaluation

Participation in projects supported by other sources in the last five years

Financing   organization:   University of Transport

Type of the competition and year:   2011

Number or acronym of   the project:   1242

Title:   Creating a stand-impact abrasion

Project coordinator:   prof. N.Tontchev

Status of the project:  completed
Geo Milev Str.
University of Transport
+ 359 89 44 66 228

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